Panels move when using multiple displays

Not sure if this is a bug, but when switching between multiple monitors and laptop display on a docking station, the Panels on the desktop in “The One” desktop layout overlap on the upper right hand corner. On Startup on either single laptop display or multi display, the panel appears normal with no overlap. Once unplugging the cable plugged into the laptop to the Docking station, the panels overlap.

Sounds wrong. Impossible for me or others on the team to help diagnose and resolve though since we dont have multiple monitors and docks to try and reproduce.

I am guessing that you have different screen resolutions between your primary display and your laptop? What are the differences?

1080p 27 inch monitor
1080p 15 inch Laptop screen
1440x900 19 in monitor

BTW, I cannot run the 19 inch beyond 1400 x 900 otherwise it will display a “out of range” error on the screen.

@fossfreedom Is there any way I can help send more feedback for you guys for this issue?

Not really. Without a means too reproduce I can’t help further with the investigation.

Just a thought.

When the issue occurs if ctrl + alt + t to open a terminal then run

nohup budgie-panel --replace &

Does the panel tidy itself up?