Https:// certificate expired?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this. I signed up to discourse to ask this question so haven’t had time to fully look around yet…

Anyway my browser is telling me that is now insecure and the certificate expired this morning. Is this a known issue? Should I wait it out?

Something we are looking into - the weekend and “nobody is working” is making things difficult. We’ll get there eventually!

This is good now! Thank you for reporting it! Bad cron job.

I am guessing the cron job did not worked again! I wen to and it is saying it is not secure.

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Dustin has fixed now. This will be in future automated when we move to our new website and hosting instance in the very near future.

cheers for the report - much appreciated

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The nutshell… The Apache let’s Encrypt feature has not been reliable on this specific system for some reason. I had to fallback to using the built in verification (which includes bouncing the apache port to get port 80 available).

It’s a little mucky at the moment, but hte new site (and instance) will have it working. Appreciate the ping.

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