"Incomplete Language Support" every time a I start the computer


I get a popup with that message 5 minutes after I start my computer. I have already deleted all languages there and reinstalled them, to no avail… I have Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 for ± 3 days and this happens on every reboot…

How can I stop getting this popup?

Thank you


You should just click the button on that window to install the language pack.

That should stop the window from reappearing.

I did that several times. After installing Ubuntu, I entered on the installed languages popup (by clicking on the “fix this” button) and the first time it seemed to install what was needed. After that (every boot) the popup continues to appear, I continue to click on the button, everything seems to be ok and I close everything after that. Next boot same thing happens…I have already uninstalled all the languages and reinstalled them again to no avail.

Thank you

What happens if you run the command in this answer?

If it shows missing packages suggest install what is suggested.

Its on PT but here is goes:

sudo apt install $(check-language-support)
A ler as listas de pacotes… Pronto
A construir árvore de dependências
A ler a informação de estado… Pronto
0 pacotes actualizados, 0 pacotes novos instalados, 0 a remover e 0 não actualizados.

Nothing to install…


Please report this to launchpad

ubuntu-bug language-selector

In your report please add the check you made above.

Note don’t just link this forum since the developers will not read external forums … launchpad reports should be self contained

I dont have language-selector so I sent the bug report to language-selector-gnome

Thanks a lot

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