Incorrect display of the window frame

Okay, I do not know if it should work like this, because the xp-pen driver does not have a maximize the window button, but I will ask anyway. Is this how it should work, or can it be fixed? I use Budgie Pixel Saver and Global Menu

What version of ubuntu budgie are you using?

22.04.2 LTS with all updates

ok - you need to get busy with a bit of command line trickery.

first install dconf-editor

Run dconf-editor and navigate to net.milgar.budgie-pixel-saver.blacklist

Look at the values of the key blacklist-apps

Next type the following in a terminal


The cursor will change - click on the xp-pen window

In the terminal look for the WM_CLASS value for this window. This is the value you need to append to the blacklist-apps - everything

e.g. if WM_CLASS is “FRED_BLOGS” then

['Firefox', 'TelegramDesktop', 'Ulauncher', 'FRED_BLOGS']

logout and login

Thanks for the feedback, it helped :purple_heart: