Lost minimize, close (The x) , Enlarge icons TOP RIGHT CORNER of App Windows

I don’t have the X icon, minimize or Enlarge icons at the top right corner of my Apps Windows
Don’t know how to bring them back


ok forget it, I will reinstall CLEAN for the final 18.04 release…

2nd tought
The problem is just that the top of the App windows is going under the TOP PANEL
I can’t figure out how to set the top Panel to not allow Application Windows to go under it


To at least get it out press “meta+up arrow”.

tks for your patience… !

Not perfect but META(super key) +LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW positioned the top of he window under the panel, then I simply had to expand right and left the windows to fill up the screen and it is ok for web browser…

If I close firefox or Chrome they remember the size and position of the windows when I reopen them.

For LibreOffice it doesn’t work.

If I click the MAXIMIZE icon, then the top of the window will go under the pannel…

So your tips lead to some workaround…

if I compare PLank or panel config to a 18.04 VM I have, they are identical but the VM does not have thise issue LOL


I found the source of the problem
I had to desactivate the 2nd display for a moment.
If I use one of my monitor, the problem is not there
If I open DISPLAY and bring back on the 2nd monitor, the problem is coming back…

With one monitor, maximizing the Appl windows position itself well under the PANEL ! LOL
Now trying to go back and forth from one to 2 display to bring it back ok…

now ok… ! turning on and off the 2nd disaplay + playing with resolution in I don’t know which order caused that problem,…

Now maximizing the window is working well

I am not sure I could reproduce the perfected sequence of what caused it… ( 1 to 2 display, resolution of the scree etc)

hey, I’m facing the same issue.
Could you figure out how to fix this?
Where would be the right place to open an issue for this? budgie-desktop-environment repo?

I suspect that the problem is caused because I only have a top panel on my main screen. The second screen does not have a panel and is in portrait mode.

When I maximize or attach a window on the side, it looks like the top bar of the window just disappears behind the top panel.

I’m running a fresh install of ubuntu budgie 18.04 with the latest nvidia drivers.

The issue is a known issue upstream - it is because the positions and resolutions of the screens are not the same so mutter and budgie’s panel is getting confused on how to display stuff.

ah ok, thanks. Then I assume it’s getting fixed.
Btw I have to say: Awesome job with ubuntu budgie! It makes me really love my linux desktop :slight_smile:
If you also went with nemo as your default file manager… :wink:


Would love to see a step by step guide how you managed to get nemo to be the default file-manager … could you create a new topic describing how you did it … any pictures of the end result would also be great!

It’s off topic, but just the short note on nemo:
I haven’t set nemo as default, I just installed nemo via apt. I think nemo is just so much better than nautilus. I was surprised how well it looks on budgie:


I had this done on 17.04.

I believe this was what I followed. (If I remember correctly).

If I remember correctly… :wink:

I found a guide from google, looks like google’s ubuntu manual:

Following that, I’ve set nemo as default with:
xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

worked like a charm

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any news on how to fix this? I‘m still having this problem.

Hi there. This is a bug that is known upstream.

I’m not sure where it is (priority) on the list of bugs that they are working on though.