Turn off Auto Maximize Window?

I really hate to burden y’all because I seek these answers in Google first. But almost every time I find an answer for Ubuntu it seems to not apply in Budgie. Arrggh.

I don’t want Windows dragged to the top to auto-maximize. In Unity Tweak Tool there’s a way to turn that off WITHOUT turning off other similar features. (Like a window filling half of the screen, a feature I do like.)

Is there a way? Thanks folks for all your help. I’m nearly done with these type of questions.

To be honest I don’t know. Think this might be a feature request and as such you could ask this upstream:

Thanks Fossy. So I am correct in thinking no tweak tool works in Budgie?

Gnome tweaks will run and most options that are not specific to gnome-shell will work

That doesn’t mean all tweak options will work though.