Installing on a 2015 iMac with Bluetooth Keyboard/Magic Mouse 2

How? The Live USB does not seem to recognize Bluetooth, and I cannot seem to find bluetooth settings.

Just type bluetooth in the menu for bluetooth settings.

I found this about a magic mouse 2 … seems you have to tweak as per the answer for that mouse to work

That link is a great example why Linux is not quite ready for basic users on the Desktop yet. My father for example would NEVER be able to do that. I can of course (no big deal for me), but these are the kinds of things that should simply work out of the box. When Bluetooth is detected, it should (by default probe to see if there are bluetooth mice/keyboards attached… same with USB devices (which are already probed for). This seems especially egregious for a version of Linux that was inspired/tries to emulate MacOS. Bluetooth keyboards and mice have been included with iMacs for example for literally decades. You would think someone would notice this and think to themselves “hmmm… maybe we should just probe for those on startup?”. I appreciate the information, but I just wanted to point out that this seems like quite a gap in someone’s radar. I’ll give it a shot with a usb mouse and keyboard hooked up to see if I can make it work though just for shits and grins.

It’s obviously a bug. The link is a workaround.

Do raise this as a bug report on launchpad against the kernel.

Bug reports are needed to help resolve in future linux kernels.

Don’t misunderstand… I get there is a bug. However, Bluetooth is apparently turned off by default. Here is how I think it should work:

  1. boot process… Am I on a Mac? yes: turn on bluetooth
  2. boot process probing hardware: usb, sata, etc… bluetooth (if on) probe for keyboard/mouse

Who do I make that recommendation to?

Start with bug report against the linux kernel.

ubuntu-bug linux

Bluetooth is enabled normally. There is something about your hardware that is starting bluetooth disabled. That is most probably from the kernel.