Installing the Ant theme will broke the cursor icons in the other themes

There is a nasty bug, in which once you install the Ant theme, the mouse icon for resize the windows in the right side will change to an ugly and incoherent icon in some windows, like for example the Budgie desktop configurator.

Once it’s installed this action can’t be reversed, it doesn’t matter if you select other theme of icons for the mouse.

So for example, with the Pocillo theme, you will now have two different cursor icons for resizing the windows in the right side.

Please, remove the option for installing the Ant theme until this bug is fixed.

Screenshot of what you are seeing?

What version of UB?

What is the “budgie desktop configurator”?

What cursor options do you have in Budgie Desktop Settings - Style ?

I’m currently in a fresh install of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04, after reinstalling the operating system two times trying to detect the origin of this error, so I will not make the mistake of activating the Ant theme again to test this.

The way to replicate this is to install the Ant theme, and then activate the theme.

If you went back to the Pocillo theme, then you will see this icon resizing some windows, but NOT in all the windows.


From memory, the bug happened with the window of Budgie welcome, with the window in which you configure the desktop of budgie (I don’t know the name of the program in English), and with the window of Gnome web.

I tried to change to all the installed cursor themes in the desktop configurator, but the bug will continue happening.

Most of the windows will show the correct icon of the theme. While other random windows will show instead the other icon.

I tried this in a fresh install, and the bug only occurs after having installed the Ant theme.

The thing that I can’t say is if this was with 18.04 or with 19.04, because I was trying both versions the last month.