Kodi 19 with hardware acceleration and h.265 support

I am new to Ubuntu budgie, I had been quite satisfied using manjaro XFCE 64bit until I recently decided to upgrade my RPI4 8gb with a M.2 NVME. I was unable to achieve USB 3 boot, boots fine USB 2. So I tried with Ubuntu Budgie and seamlessly out of the box RPI boots USB 3.0 with no issues however one of the uses of my RPI was a multimedia player. Kodi 19 installs and works fine however I have no h.265 support or hardware acceleration probably due to the lack of x11 support which in manjaro was overcome by logging directly into Kodi, is this an option while using Ubuntu budgie?



Longish thread but the TL;DR; kodi themselves don’t have X11 support for v19.

The thread talks about what they are doing but that kind of went over my head.

Yes this thread is more or less how I was able to achieve h.265 playback and hardware acceleration in Manjaro. I am looking to accomplish this in Ubuntu budgie tried using the only kodi 19 I was able to install found at this link

This is probably the git source that link was referring to

So, this would need compiling/packaging