PSA: How to install Kodi on 21.04 Raspberry Pi

On release of 21.04, there is no ARM64 build of kodi - which means you cannot install Kodi on a raspberry pi.

What I have done is taken the sources available in the repository and rebuilt it specifically for ARM64.

In a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/kodi
sudo apt install kodi

Hopefully this will be resolved properly for 21.10 - until then - enjoy!

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thanks for the post but this didnt work for me. it looks like the install worked but it gives no start/open option.
I using a RPI 8GB System running ubuntu 21.02 for rpi but have not found an answer to how to use kodi on this setup.
Any help is appreciated, Thankes

Worked perfectly for me.
Thanks for the post.

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So, it installed for me, I can verify that in my package list. However, I can’t run it, …can’t find it. System doesn’t know where it is. What is the command line for it, ie. where is it located. Not in /usr/bin or in my home dir.