Lock Keys Indicator suggestion: option not to show Num Lock icon

This little applet is incredibly useful and works perfectly - however as a tiny mod could it please have an option not to show a Num Lock icon (my laptop has no Num Lock key, or Scrl Lock for that matter)? Not at all important of course - just would be nice aesthetically to avoid showing non-functional things.

The applet is part of budgie-desktop itself.

As such the suggestion should be made here (if it hasn’t already been done so):


Maybe add your voice here ?

Thanks Coeur-Noir - I see you have already added it for me!

Very lightly.

I don’t know how these reports are « treated » upstream.

Best way would be to propose code I guess but am no dev’ at all.

As you can see there you may use other « indicators » for key-state, some of the others I mentioned offer the option you look for.

I don’t think I understand the relationship between Ubuntu, Solus & the Budgie Desktop… Also I am not clear about what is upstream or an integral part of what I am using (Ubuntu + Budgie Desktop).

Budgie is a desktop environment ( like gnome-shell, or kde-plasma, or xfce or mate… )

This has been created by the team behind the Linux Distribution Solus - which is totally independent and different distro than Canonical’s Ubuntu.

UbuntuBudgie’s team works on offering an Ubuntu based variant, including Budgie as desktop environment.

While doing that, the fine UbuntuBudgie team also adds its own touch to the DE by adding many applets.

So anything related to Budgie genuine components has to be looked upstream, towards Solus.
And anything regarding applets added by UbuntuBudgie has to be looked downstream, here, with UbuntuBudgie’s team.

@fossfreedom please fix any of my words if am wrong :wink:

Thanks Coeur-Noir. I’ll try the indicator you mentioned in Github.
I had to give up trying to register with Github to post my comment in full - Captcha was impossible…

Tried the indicator-keyboard-led btw - rather ugly - it ignored my opt for Caps lock only and didn’t allow for choice placement on the top bar. The neat little Ubuntu-Budgie one is fine!

This one https://github.com/adrianiainlam/indicator-keyboard-led ?

It’s totally editable - but yes you may have to dig a bit

and will be nested inside the budgie-indicator-applet ( you might move that indicator-applet ).