No icon for indicating keyboard layout, numeric lock and caps lock [21.10]

From this question, now I can type Thai language keyboard, but there is no icon indicating the keyboard layout status, ‘us’ or ‘th’, on the panel.

Can anyone please teach me how to get it and numeric lock and caps lock as well ?

You will need to add two applets to your panel - keyboard layout applet and lock key applet

Both are available to be added to your panel via budgie desktop settings - look for that from your menu.

On the left hand-side window - look for Panels - choose the panel you want - on the right hand-side click the + button and look for the applets in the list.

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Thank you so much for your assistance.
I have just moved from Fedora 34 Workstation GNOME + GNOME shell extensions: Dash to Panel + Arc Menu + Lock Keys. Dash to Panel is my most favorite, but when Fedora used newer GNOME version, Dash to Panel could not catch up with and took some time to modify codes. Will it happen in Keyboard Layout Applet and Lock Keys Indicator Applet in Budgie Desktop Settings ?

Now everything is perfect:

No, this will never occur with budgie desktop v10.x since the API is classified as stable.

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