"Make Link" for folder on Budgie desktop?

I have been setting up Linux PCs for elderly relatives and friends, and it goes pretty well. I had been using Ubuntu Mate, but have recently been trying Budgie as it is a simpler look, cleaner, and good features for those with poor eyesight. And Plank works well if made quite large with default theme.
In Budgie Desktop Settings I allow icons on the desktop, but don’t show the Home Directory.
I find that users prefer to have a simple link to “Documents”, and don’t want to see everything in the Home Directory.
In Mate, I could right click the Documents folder in Home, right click, and select “Make Link” for a link on the Desktop. Don’t have this option in Budgie. I could move the Documents folder to the Desktop, but not very elegant.
Probably something very simple I am missing, any help appreciated.
Thank you!

Select Documents, Ctrl-m, drag the link to the desktop folder.
Nemo/Edit/Preferences/File Management Properties/Context Menus/ check Make Link.

It should be checked by default IMHO.

Hey, Thank You, got it.

Could only get Ctrl-M to work if Nemo installed, - and then inadvertentlty made loads of links, - but highlight Documents in Nemo, then Edit/Make Link even easier.
I’ve learned something new, appreciated!

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DISREGARD BELOW; there is a bug in Nemo which starts off working on below, then you end up with an empty directory:
While on this topic I found a neat Nemo trick.
Mega (upload) cant accept links in its sync’ed directory; well it seems to, but a while later you will find your changes are not being synced. My offending directory was Documents; in Nemo you can change its location by Bookmarks/Edit Bookmarks then change the location in my case to /home/alistair/MEGAsync/Documents