The status of supporting "Desktopfolder"

Is there still plans on supporting Desktopfolder? or is that a dead dream after the switch to nemo?

I am a little disappointed with the progress of the desktopfolder project. It does need a little bit of help to resolve some issues. So definitely a project where budding devs can actively contribute to.

As such I am not prepared to move to desktopfolder for 20.04.

What I have done is add the capability to switch desktopfolder icons on/off via budgie desktop settings in the anticipation that a new release of desktopfolder is made. The is done via dconf in 19.10/20.04 version of budgie desktop.

Yeah I saw the capability to switch desktopfolder icons on and off in budgie-desktop-setting via
gsettings set com.solus-project.budgie-panel desktop-icons-handler 'DESKTOPFOLDER'

hopefully we get an update to Desktopfolder because it looks like a very promising project.
and I think Joshua of solus is planning to use your patch and desktopfolder on upstream budgie (10.5.x). I hope that will bring a push in the development of desktopfolder.

I did submit the patch upstream. It got ignored though and then subsequently broke with other changes upstream. So I withdrew the proposal.

The project really needs fresh blood. Other than myself and our wonderful translators there hasnt been much help from anyone for many months now.