Android like desktop folders

I like to have shortcuts on my desktop, maybe part is nostalgia from doing so on windows, or also from using android.
figured it’s a lot of space I can use.
I also use the hotcorner to show desktop and was thinking of placing these near said corner.

I was thinking it would be nice to have an icon that behaves like android app folders
or like what happens when you drag a folder into the popular Plank dock.
see here:
preferably looking like this:
found from here:

a vertical listing would be fine too. (essentially same thing as the app launcher applet, but can make separate ones and it goes on the desktop instead of on the panel).
you could either build one like the applet launcher, or have to manually set a directory with only shortcuts in it. (i really don’t mind manually doing it)

Here’s an idea, when you hot corner you show icons on desktop as well momentarily (can set how long) it fades out after. interacting with icons refreshes the timer. timer starts from last interaction with desktop icons (including hovering over them).
could do the same for when you press the show desktop icon.

where I might put the feature:
oops typo should say create new folder (not drawer).

Desktop Icons isn’t inherently part of budgie - it is provided by Files (Nautilus) in 18.04/18.10 and nemo-desktop in 19.04

desktop-icons is dead in the GNOME world since they have scrapped it for later versions of Files. Doubtful that Linux Mint would be interested in such an idea for nemo-desktop.

We are looking at this project ( which provides “panels” on the desktop where you can add grouped desktop icons. Maybe the maintainer would be open to an idea to expand icons to show panels as you have described.

Would be even better to lend a hand actually coding such a solution. The maintainer is actively wanting people to help out.


that fulfills all my needs. Cool you can even change it for each workspace.
can’t code but I do try to support with small donations.

looks to be very solid, especially considering alternative
I imagine there being plans to have it come pre-installed in future release?
or be listed in the welcome budgie app.
in a category for supplementing widgets/applets? maybe have a small icon listing in beta where deemed necessary.
Where you could list spheras’ dskfoldr app as well as maybe docks and other widgets to try.
like docks and such.

It intended to be the default.

Please raise the issue on Spheras issue tracker for the request.

It’d be interesting to have Nemo to run the desktop plus some sort of integration with spheras/desktopfolders in UB.

Remember if you want to help test this we do have a PPA available

For 19.04 need to stop nemo-desktop from autostarting - DesktopFolder replaces the desktop capability.

Right now, I see budgie-nemo.desktop autostarting. Would it be changed to DesktopFolder in a consequent upgrade? Don’t feel like changing the present installation and reinstalling anew, for the present installation is working quite nicely. :slight_smile:

I have ubuntubudgie-ubuntu-backports-disco.list activated

So assuming we decide to run with DesktopFolders in 19.10, the autostart for nemo-desktop will be removed. DesktopFolder will then be automatically started.

No changes in this area will be made for 19.04. It’s entirely up-to-you whether you want to help to test (and develop?) DesktopFolders for a future release.

I used to have the Active Desktop before, then waited for new UB disco to come. Anyway, I’d like to reinstall it. If I add the ppa and reinstall it, only nemo desktop would stop working, but would Nemo still be the default file manager? I don’t want the new Nautilus back.

Correct - Nemo will still be the default file-manager.

Nemo-desktop actually will still run if you install the PPA - you’ll need to disable it through renaming the file:

sudo mv /etc/xdg/autostart/budgie-nemo.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart/budgie-nemo.desktop.backup

If after purging the PPA you want nemo-desktop to autostart again then do the reverse

sudo mv /etc/xdg/autostart/budgie-nemo.desktop.backup /etc/xdg/autostart/budgie-nemo.desktop

All right, will be testing again. :slight_smile:

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