Minimal installation issues


i just installed Ubuntu Budgie several times.
The installation of the full system worked like a charm. Everything worked as intended (customizing, starting serveral applications, installing some applications,…).

Then i tried the minimal installation option. The installation process itself finished with no problems and the system runs fine.
But then i tried to install libreoffice…

After the installation only some of the libre office applications were shown in the menu (writer is missing) and none of the libreoffice applications does start.

Starting from Terminal gives:
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException’
Fatal exception: Signal 6

Further testing showed that the libreoffice-writer package is included in the minimal installation and works on a fresh installation (running libreoffice from tilix). But writer is not shown in the menu.

After installing libreoffice with all dependencies i get the error mentioned above.
I was able to reproduce this behavior with several installations.

Also i was wondering that removing tilix after installing gnome-terminal will try to remove the ubuntu-budgie-desktop package.

Every installation was inside a VM, not bare metal and i used the daily build iso.


I’ve made some tweaks today which should turn up in tomorrows (11th April) ISO. Hopefully that will fix the libreoffice issue. Please can you try that?

Tilix is a must install for the meta package “ubuntu-budgie-desktop”. Its safe to remove that meta package post the installation for minimal installs.

I did test the new image.
Everything works fine now. I installed libreoffice, vlc, gimp and some other applications and did some light testing. I had no problems at all.

Thanks for fixing :slight_smile:

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