Minimal Installation, what does it include?


I’m quite interested in the Minimal installation for Budgie 18.04. However, I have a question that I would love to get some answer too.

Will it come with everything I need to start? Does it include Gnome MPV and such, or how much is removed?

(I would love to have to install everything except the desktop and Firefox pretty much, so really curios). :smiley:

The minimal install contains the following visual components:

  • Budgie Desktop
  • Pocillo icon and GTK Theme
  • GNOME Calendar
  • Budgie Welcome
  • Chromium Web Browser
  • Tilix Terminal

That’s it - it is for you to decide what you want to install and how to customise it.

To see what has been removed have a look here:

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Wow, that actually sounds quite nice! :slight_smile: Then you can just pick yourself what you want to use and you don’t really get any extra content, except for the basic things you need to get up and running.

Thanks for the answer! Will most likely try and install this tonight.

// Tobias