Budgie 18.04 minimal version missing some important programs

Hi there,

Could someone give me the full list of automatically deleted programs in the 18.04 minimum version?
I had full 18.04 version and reinstalled from scratch with 18.04 minimum version. And after reinstalling I have some troubles with missing programs:

  1. I can’t change main menu. No way. I tried to add .desktop files to ~/.local/share/applications. Without any sense. In main menu I can’t see any GUI program for that action (and I saw it in full version). Tried to install gnome-tweak-tool. Without any result too.

  2. I have some lags in chromium browser every 2-10 sec, and very hard lags with youtube videos (sometimes I see a static image and sound only during 60 secs and more)

In my full version 18.04 everything worked fine.

  1. Bluetooth problem also still here (if you disable it, you will see it enabled again after reboot)

PS. Laptop MSI GE70 0nd, Core i7, 16GB RAM, SSD. Using ubuntu budgie as development platform for work and it’s my most liked system. Thanks for your work guys

menulibre or alacarte you can use to fiddle with the menu

Chromium - known issue of a few people’s setups. It is because chrome/chromium linux graphical acceleration is fairly non-existent. You can turn off acceleration in the chromium config settings - or use a browser like firefox that supports linux graphical acceleration

Bluetooth - perennial issue - few solutions here - Bluetooth connected at startup

… finally all the apps removed as part of the minimal setup is here:


Thanks for so fast reply!

Everything is working.