Mouse scroll wheel is sporadic and unresponsive

I’m on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.5 and have an issue with my mouse scroll wheel. On any application my scroll wheel is very sporadic. Very frequently (50%-70%) of the time, my scroll wheel will randomly become unresponsive or not scroll as far as I actually scrolled. If I do a test and just scroll up and down in the same place, it works for about 3 seconds, then stops, starts, slows, down, speeds up, etc.

This problem does not occur in windows with this mouse. I’ve tried bluetooth and a unifying receive (my mouse has both). It seems to be worse with bluetooth, but it definitely occurs either way. Any advice to fix this?

Check if TLP is reducing or interfering with bluetooth power control.

sudo apt purge tlp


Thanks for this advice. I gave it a try, but nothing changed. I was able to fix the issue with a firmware update on my mouse (MX Master 3), which I had to do via their firmware update tool on Windows. I was assuming it was the OS since the mouse seemed to work fine on Windows. I’m not sure why this firmware issue only occurred on Ubuntu Budgie, but it appears to be fixed now.