Moving to Budgie from Linux Lite.. with LVM volumes

Hi All! I want to move to ubuntu Budgie from Linux Lite 4.8 and would like to break as little as possible in the process :slight_smile:

I have a 3.8TB LVM block device (Ext4, v1.0) mounted at /home, and another 1.2 TB block device at /media/backups. Current filesystem root is on a 240GB SSD. There’s a spare (unmounted) 120GB SSD available too.

  1. Will the Budgie install recognise the existing block devices properly / safely and enable me to re-use them without me having to restore huge amounts of data from backups onto new lvm block device(s)?
  2. Should I install the new Budgie in parallel on the spare 120GB SSD? …or can I safely install the LL5.4 on the 240GB SSD, wiping the LL4.8?
  3. …or, more bravely, could/should I consider creating an LVM 360GB SSD block device combining the two SSD’s, and install on top of that? What’s the best way of doing that?



So ordinarily I would say yes… for all official ubuntu flavours.

I cant comment on the distro you mentioned since I have never heard of it, nor any idea what changes they may have done in this area.

I have had poor experiences of so called “ubuntu based” distros where the maintainers have made changes to core components making them incompatible with official flavours.

My advise is to certainly invest in backups. By the sounds of it you have huge disk devices … and you will be fully aware that anything can go wrong and you could lose valuable data anyway.

Thanks @fossfreedom Good advice. I’m glad to be back in the mainstream here. See

I will backup anyway!