Install Budgie on Ubuntu Server?

Hi there,

One quick question.
For several reasons, I may have to install Ubuntu using the “Server” version.

I would like to know : if I install Ubuntu Server and then install Budgie, will I end up with the same Budgie used by Ubuntu Budgie, or will I loose some features of the Budgie desktop environment ?
I am not talking about some software that may be missing (LibreOffice, GNOME MPV and other stuff…), but just about the Budgie features.

Thanks for your answers.


Most unusual question - normally you would try to steer clear of graphical interfaces on servers mainly to reduce the potential exposure of perceived security issues.

That being said - it really doesnt matter what Ubuntu base you start from - if you install the meta package “ubuntu-budgie-desktop” you will get the full Ubuntu Budgie install including all the apps.

Perhaps wiser would be just to install “budgie-desktop” + “slick-greeter” and this will install just the Graphical interface + the lightdm based greeter called slick-greeter allowing to you login to the budgie-desktop session. There might be a few more packages you may need - it’s not a combination we have ever tried.

Many many thanks for your quick answer ! That is really unusual :slight_smile:

The reason I may need Ubuntu Server is that it allows to install Ubuntu on a software RAID 0 of 2 disks (in this case 2 SSD’s) which the GUI version is incapable of (unless I missed somehting when using that)… even though according to what I’ve found in the official Ubuntu help pages, that operation is all but trivial.

But apart from that, I don’t really need Ubuntu server even if my machine is used as a server, it’s a really simple and basic build server shared with 5/6 people around the world.

I have already learned how to move the home folder to a RAID device after I installed the system. I would like to do the same on 2 small SSD for the system.

Of course if you say that extra speed will not be worth the install hassle, I may think twice about it…


I’ll be honest - I try to avoid software RAIDs because when they go wrong the result is usually catastrophic system loss - really the best way is a simple hardware mirror raid. But obviously the hit on your pocket is a serious consideration.

If data is key then a regular /home backup using backup software is my go-to mechanism.


Thanks again for all your help.
I am not really looking for the file’s safety. About the system, I do a regular “Timeshift” and most of my files are on the Cloud… or on a back-up disk for theone’s that have to be more “confidential”.
I am more looking for speed…

The hardware RAID is not a real option, not because of the cost (well, a little because of that also :slight_smile: but mainly because that would require a PCI slot and I have only 3 PCI slots available on the MoBo and 2 are populated already.

Now, I am unsure what RAID would bring if the system would be on that… or maybe it’s better to have the system on a fairly fast drive (like a nice SATA SSD) and the /home on a RAID 0 of really fast NVMe SSD’s ?

Any view on that ? that would help to make the right decisions :slight_smile:



Couple of considerations. If I remember correctly - trim is not supported on raid 0. (I can’t find the link where I read that).

In the testing bench marks, with a raid 0 w/SSD … Sequential operations were quite fast (up to double), but real world was negligible.

But this article is a little older.

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Oops, missed your other question - I put the be os on SSD. To be honest, I want both my os and home fast. In the past when I used to run on a desktop, I would symlink storage folders to a slower bulk drive. But all working drives (where I had file operations happening) were ssd. Depends what you are trying to get out of it. If it is speed in would use the nvme for all of it.

Thanks for your help and advice.
I think I will make it easy on myself : 1 NVMe for the system and another one for the /home partition.
Then I’ll see how I combine the SSD’s (I have 7 on them in my computer case at the moment) and if I use them RAID’ed or not…