No low battery warning?

I snooped around a little and found where one person mentioned lack of a low battery warning and did not find enough to get an opinion.

Am I supposed to get a low battery warning pop-up or not? My indicators work fine in the panel. But I don’t always notice the % is low. I need a pop-up for dummies! Every once in a while I run the battery all the way out and I’m like what happened?

If 20.04 doesn’t have a pop up, can we get one? Is there an applet for that?

If I am supposed to be getting a pop-up, how come I’m not? Is it something I have never found and turned on?

I get a pop-up when my battery gets down to 4%. It would be nice to be able to set several thresholds, say 30%, 15% and 5%.

Yeah I don’t get the pop up at all and I am not sure why. 4% would be enough to be like hello plug up before I die.

I haven’t been able to find any setting for this? No idea why it doesn’t pop up. If I don’t happen to look at the battery % I’m screwed.

The issues are that the laptop firmware controlling your battery is buggy and not reporting things correctly so that systemd/upower can recognise when the battery is nearing its usual threshold values to prompt for a notification.

The alternative here is to use a percentage threshold - less accurate - but adequate if you set a decent percentage threshold like 20 & 10 % etc

As always, thanks.

I had a look at that and realize what is going on now. Mine was already set to percentage. I tweaked it so I could wait and be watching to see if it works. It does.

Probably the truth is it has always worked. It’s just that I have honestly probably never had the chance to see it before. It only pops up for a second or two, and where it pops up at, it’s kinda camouflaged with my theme. It’s dark and it comes up in the upper right where the background is always dark. The way I am set up when working, I habitually set up in the right rear so everything and everyone else is to my left and or forward of me.

Old habits die hard. When I used to work in IT, I made the “open door policy” LITERAL. I had facilities come in, remove my office door from the hinges, remove the window blinds off the windows, take away my desk, and install a short work cubicle in the corner. That way I could just glance up or to my left over my screens and see everyone and everything. Likewise everyone could see me at a glance. And they could just walk right in and talk to me if they needed help without either of us having that space violation feeling. Worked really well and lots of times I could tell them how to fix something without too much issue while I continued to work on whatever I was working on. Highly recommend this configuration if you are a working manager, team lead, SME, or knowledge resource in IT.

Anyways, old habits die hard and I still have the same locational habits at home. End up in the right rear corner of the room. So any time I am not glued to the screen I am looking over it or to the left of it. So I am sure it has popped up and I have just never seen it.

I guess I would need to get into and edit the actual code in order to make it launch at a mid-screen position, and make it be persistent rather than auto-closing so you have to acknowledge it by closing it out. Or put in a request or suggestion.

Is it possible to do either or get involved? If so, links?

A persistent popup is quite a nice suggestion - having something moving, beeping, whatever when you have a critical notification might be worthy of a suggestion.

Ideas like this should first be made upstream - GitHub - solus-project/budgie-desktop: I Tawt I Taw A Purdy Desktop