Mouse Battery low Spam notification

I have a bluetooth Logitech mouse that apparently can last for months on low battery, but the problem is Ubuntu keeps reminding that the mouse is low on battery,

I can’t disable the notification anyhow! It’s an issue that has been around for years according to this forum

Disable “Mouse battery low” spam notification

The first notification in my case appeared about a year ago, until my mouse died, and now that I’ve replaced the battery it started showing the message less than a month ago having the battery installed, so it will last, I think

On AskUbuntu there is someone who disabled all notifications for the OS using the command line to reduce the power sensitivity, but that also diabled the laptop power notification which I don’t think is preferable at all, or solves the issue,

Needless to say, I already tried disabling these notifications by going to the Settings panel under Notifications, and Mouse or Power, but none of them has a specific option for the battery

I wish there was a specific toggle for the mouse issue,
Here are my ubuntu specs,


I have those notifications on my main Ubuntu machine with a bluetooth Logitech mouse, and since I’m using rechargeable batteries it’s popping up every other weeks or months and it is indeed irritating the hell out of me.

It’s probably either an Ubuntu or Logitech issue though, rather than something (Ubuntu) Budgie can do about it. You might want to channel the frustration it creates toward one of them and report it.

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