Online Accounts Broken

I recently installed Ubuntu Budgie, and I think it is the best Linux distro I have tried yet. There is just one issue that I have consistently had issues with: Online Accounts. When I first installed the on I went to the online account setting to add my Google account. Everything worked fine, but after I accepted the permissions, the dialog box disappeared and the account never added. Later on I decided I would try Ubuntu single sign on (This may be something I just don’t know about) when I try to log into my account it says, "This account requires a second passcode from your authentication device or app. " even though I do not have 2 factor authentication for that account. Also Facebook has the same issue as Google where the pop-up box disappears and doesn’t add the account.

Additional information:
I am using Ubuntu Budgie 18.10. Also sometimes settings won’t load and won’t load until I restart my laptop. This seems to happen at random. And running it through tilix instantly makes it where it won’t load.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Check that you have the package gnome-online-accounts installed

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Thanks for the help! All of my accounts are connecting correctly now.

(Edit): I figured out the second issue so I removed it from this reply.

I see this issue has already been reported. I wasn’t sure if I had some how deleted gnome-online-accounts.

Just switched to UB and love it!!! Everything about UB is phenomenal.

I have the same problem and the above solution did not work for me.I already have full installation of ubuntu budgie 18.04.03 amd64

EDIT: I failed to mention im behind a college proxy

your’s is a different issue. proxies are a pain but can be worked around