Pithos 1.4.1 - can it be added to UB backports

Hi guys,


Is this something that could be added to backports?

Just noticed that there’s about a 2-3 year gap between the Ubuntu 18.04 repo version of Pithos (1.1.2) and the latest version on their website (1.4.1).

The Ubuntu repo version has contol issues w/Mpris in Raven and is buggy in UB.

The flatpak works fine, but requires seperate installation of the flatpak repo. Their PPA hasn’t worked (404) for months.

I’m happy to work with the flatpak, but just wanted to touch base as the Ubuntu repo version (old) is not stable, whereas the current version of Pithos has been bug free for some time in my application.


pithos isn’t a default app in UB - so its not part of the team’s supported apps.

It doesn’t look that difficult (famous last words) … so a snap should be possible. Bit busy at the moment with 18.10 matters so cannot look at this myself right at this moment.

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as an aside you can always use the “Contact admins” link on launchpad and politely enquire if someone working on updating the PPA


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A snap would be nice, as it would be available directly from the default software center without the need to pull in an additional repo. Plays nice with UB.

Without a launchpad account, the flatpak looks like the viable option.

Thanks fossfreedom,