Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 - Pithos and Bleachbit bugs

Hi fellas,

Taking Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 for a ride around the block. Overall, looks nice and works pretty good.

Just wanted to take a moment to post a couple of possible bugs.

  1. Pithos from the Ubuntu repo - Appx. every 5th song completely locks the desktop except for the cursor. The app can be set to close to the system tray, but neither shows a full color nor symbolic icon there.

  2. Pithos flatpak from Pithos - works perfectly without a system lockup. The app also doesn’t close to the system tray the same as described above.

  3. Bleachbit root - doesn’t open from the Brisk menu.

Keep up the good work!


Application issues should be raised on their respective issue trackers to make their developers aware.

Pithos… I am only aware of what sounds like a similar issue affecting rhythmbox for a small number if people. I think it was either notification or mpris2 related. Turning off helped.

Bleachbit … someone raised that previously. Seems to work from the command line. This makes me think that there is a bug in bleachbit pkexec config


The root version of Bleachbit works ok in Ubuntu 18.04 so it shouldn’t be the pkexec file?

The other “root” app we ship with is lightdm-settings - that runs just fine. So, this is an app specific issue and that needs the focus on.


Thanks for your reply.

Just to clarify…would this be app specific, or budgie desktop specific?

As an example, the Pithos (both v1.1 and current) system tray icon works as advertised with the Solus Budgie desktop. In attempting to add a second system tray in Ubuntu Budgie Budgie Settings, the additional system tray shows there, but does not include any current running tray apps once it’s present in the panel (it’s blank).

Thanks for any clarification.


App specific.

So Ubuntu may have extra patches. Other distros may have pulled in extra patches to fix stuff tgat ubuntu has not. So v1.1 doesnt iften mean the exact same version on all distros.

For some apps Ubuntu have patched out the system tray support in favour of appindicator support. Do ensure you have the application indicator applet added to your panel.

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Great work fossfreedom.

Working well, as adding the Application Indicator applet to the panel solved it!