Bleachbit as root fails 18.04

Installed bleachbit.
When I try to execute it from the budgie menu it hangs.
If I run pkexec bleachbit from the command line it works.
If I click on the bleachbit as root icon in /usr/share/applications it works.
However, if I copy the bleachbit-root.desktop file in /user/share/applications to my Desktop, mark it as executable and then click on it it hangs.
For what its worth, is works under ubuntu 18.04.

If you restart the panel via the command line does bleachbit as root fire-up correctly via the menu?

budgie-panel --replace &

I’m seeing issues with any app that has “Exec=pkexec” type statements in their .desktop file.

Also querying this with Manjaro budgie - if this observation is confirmed then this will need to be reported upstream - possibly a budgie polkit issue at a guess

better workaround - edit the .desktop file


Exec=pkexec bleachbit 


Exec=sh -c "pkexec bleachbit"

I am sorry but I am traveling and will not have access to my Budgie system for three weeks.

no worries - enjoy your travels!

Yes, this fixed the root problem.

sh -c “pkexec bleachbit”

First at all: handle carefully with Bleachbit.
If you do not exactly knowing what the program is executing in the background, do never deploy it.
You may ruin your Linux OS.

But it works fine for me:
Start Trilix terminal and login as sudo, type bleachbit to start as root.

Just one error message : Gtk-Message: 00:26:07.290: Failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”

Canberra is the capital of Australia :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed many apps complain about that being missing, even after installing it. :frowning: