Please help me customise my installation

Can some one help me to customize a bit … Ubuntu Budgie … i will like to delete all the games … printers packages because i dont use any … printer… webcam aplication … i do not use a webcam … and bluetooth as well … i dont use any bluetooth devices on my desktop … Many thanks !

Have you tried Minimal installation?

Maybe Minimal would be … too minimal! So you can get a list of installed applications using:

for app in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop; do echo "${app:24:-8}"; done

and then remove what you want (be careful because of dependencies and … better remove than purge in case you aren’t sure about what you’re purging) with

sudo apt remove <list of packages>

Another (more complicated) way of customizing, is managing live CD from scratch in chroot trap, removing what you don’t need and adding what you want, then regenerating squashfs and mastering it into a new iso.


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