Pocillo Steam theme

This is not a request, it’s somewhat of a poll if people would like the idea.

Ever since Steam hit, many Linux users have installed it for obvious reasons. Myself included but it’s a deeply rooted love/hate, mainly because it looks horrible as in… Objectively horrible.

I’ll cut a long story short, I have made loads of Steam skins for personal use before, to integrate them with desktop a bit better then a dark-blue blob. Making themes for others is not really my thing, simply because Steam CSS is annoying, but in the spirit of all that’s FOSS I guess I could try to make an “accurate” Pocillo theme for Steam.

If there is interest, I will update this post (or ask moderator to move) with progress and eventually a download/github. Simply reply if you would like this, keep in mind this does take a bit of time and can’t make them for all the themes ever made. I’ll keep it at Pocillo and it’s variations, maybe make a minimal tutorial in the process so you can edit it for own use.

Let me know.


Definitely - think the community would appreciate this. Keep this updated. Cheers

Ok, so did a bit of general positioning with the default style and making things a bit more compact in general, to much empty room for my personal liking in Steam anyway, but to much white space doesn’t look good with Pocillo. I will focus on Pocillo default first, then move on to light and dark variations. Since this is not a normal GTK app, just to make expectations realistic, below a short list of things that can and cannot be done:

Can be done:

  • Use Roboto Font, mostly same size and weight as typical apps
  • Use custom “Steam for Budgie” logo’s and references
  • Use same color and icons for headerbar (top of a window)
  • Make a “color” file where users can change a few variables to change color across all elements
  • Use checkbox, radio and button style of Pocillo, minus any effects they might have (or plus effects steam pushes itself)

Cannot be done:

  • Round corners
  • Pixel perfect layout
  • Change location of certain UI elements
  • Control the content of the storepage, the styling of it*

That last “cannot be done” I have actually done for my own build before, since Steam simply calls upon a .css file for the store, you can redirect that url to a localhost file. The giant “but” here is that after many months and tickets to Steam, there is still not a clear answer of them if this is even allowed. This will not be featured unless there is a clear, legally sound reply of Steam.

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