Probably OT ... tilix titles


I fear this isn’t the right place to post my question but I try nevertheless … on tilix I’ve set up a good dozen of profiles and a couple or more of them points to servers that share the same hostname, being part of a cluster. When I open them, tilix’s title is always the same, {hostname}, and that’s a bit confusing, mostly when I’m keeping opened several tabs pointing at same-hosname-different-IP servers.

I’ve tried to change this behaviour in preferences but it seems not to be working; as a partial and ugly workaround I’m used to change by hand tab title when tilix shows me profiles’ combo box.

My question is: there’s a way to set up custom titles in preferences and how?


-p --profile=PROFILE_NAME
Set the starting profile using the name of one of the existing profiles. If it matches none of those, the default profile will be used.
-t --title=TITLE
Set the title of the new terminal.
-s --session=SESSION_NAME
Specify a previously saved session to re-load the layout and layout options from. This will not restore the terminal to where it was left off, rather new terminals are created.

I think it is possible to launch tilix with specific profiles, titles and sessions

Worth playing around with the above options


tilix -t "my hostname IP"

Thanks, but I have already tried it and the problem is that when I launch it Tilix propose me the standard session that has ${title} as default; I think that is matter of variables (as ${title}) and to find how to customize them

ok, ok … found the trick. I must open a session (that shows {title} as title, eg silvia@cluster-server) and then customizing title (eg cluster-server#1) via “name” menu voice