Problem with Showtime applet when language set to german

After upgrading from Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 to 19.04, showtime now displays the date incompletely when global language preference is set to german (Germany) e.g. today it shows “Donnerstag April” instead of “Donnerstag 25 April”. If i switch the global language to english (UK) it works properly and shows the expected “Thursday 25 April”. The version of showtime shipped with Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 worked perfectly with german language settings.

Could you run in a terminal and post the output of locale date_fmt?

 ~$ locale date_fmt
%a %-d. %b %H:%M:%S %Z %Y
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Ah, ok, variations are unpredictable. Didn’t count on the dot after %-d. Will fix. Thanks for mentioning!

It works now. Thanks a lot!

Greatgreat. Thanks for mentioning! The latest fix should fix all possible situations.