QWERTZ QWERTY Y is Z Z is Y and more Budgie 22 04

After doing an upgrade from 20 04 to 22 04 I now have US kezboard What I need is German Just noticed todaz Mz laptop is fine but mz Desk top is screwed Anz suggestions aside from wiping mz drive and doing complete new installation

There are various ibus related fixes that will be release hopefully sometime next week or the week after for both 22.04 and 22.10

Just did another check of my Laptop and it seems to be working fine… Wait a minute: zyßöü… OK the problem with my Desk-Top PC seems to have resolved itself? This is weird. I did do an extra update last night… could be I forgot to reboot? Thank You for your speedy reply.

It will be rather random - sometimes on login it will default to en_US - sometimes to your expected keyboard layout. The fixes I mentioned should hopefully make things more consistent.