Recommendations for free/puzzle games that work well on Budgie?

To help get my wife used to Budgie, first thing she looks for are puzzle games. Solitaire (included in Budgie) is a big plus.

Any other recommendations besides the included games? Stuff like modern tetris like games like the Bubble pop, bubble flower games on Android. Or mystery puzzles like The Room. No triple A titles or anything, just stuff that is easily available via Budgie > Software.

Last night I installed a few random puzzle games (Software > Games > Logic), each one of them was a very, very tiny square on my screen. I have fractional scaling set to 125%. But even without fractional scaling some games are shown in a tiny window without a way to enlarge it. So that would be a requisite: the game must adhere to the resolution and scaling of the system.

Gbrainy, Sudoku, Chess, 2048
this is what I installed for myself. if you want to play some online game with me, I am in.

You can also use Tlauncher (the original page is russian, though. Just change the language to British English indicated by the flag) for Minecraft.

Also, take a look at ascii-patrol. It is a terminal game with the same name, worth checking.