Remove ubuntu studio? Update, reinstalled UB, now can’t boot

I recently installed Ubuntu Budgie 22.10, Budgie version 10.6.4. I really like it especially as an alternative to my macOS. I decided after reading an article called, " Easily Install JACK Audio with Ubuntu Studio Installer" to give Ubuntu Studio a try. It caused some issues and I would like to completely remove everything that was installed with Ubuntu Studio. Being new to Linux and especially Ubuntu Budgie, I can NOT find a way to remove everything that was installed with ubuntu studio. Can someone please assist me with that process? Thank you.
edit for update
I got impatient and decided to use my Ubuntu flash drive installer to just completely erase and reinstall Ubuntu budgie (without studio).

Now I can NOT boot into Ubuntu budgie at all. It boots to a grub prompt that just says> grub

Is there a solution for booting into this new install?