Right click on icon in taskbar: Popout too small

I am new to Budgie and I am switching from Windows. Thus, I am used to the Windows UX.

I have multiple Firefox Windows opened. I want to quickly select the target window. Hover on the icon brought a preview of the windows’ content. In Budgie, nothing happens. This is OK, since the right click functionality exists.

On right-click on the icon, all instances are listed. However, the list is too narrow. I have a wide screen. I could read many pixels:


Is it possible to widen that popup?

Hi there

I dont believe there is a way to configure the popover size

Please raise this upstream

This will aid further discussion as to how this area can be enhanced.

Meanwhile, I switched to Cinnamon and configured the “Grouped window list” not to group any Window, but so show the window title in the panel. On my wide screen, this is currently the best configuration for me.