Hot corner for "show desktop" not working on Manjaro Budgie

Hello! Was just playing around with the new 10.5 Budgie on Manjaro Budgie this evening and was trying the hot corners applet (which as always is terrific) but noted that the “Show Desktop” option doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing happens.

Also, I love the “toggle Raven” option. However, I noticed the option to show Raven notifications isn’t a toggle. Moving to that corner a second time doesn’t close the Raven notification menu. Is there a way for that to happen?

As always, terrific work. Thanks!

For the showdesktop the hot corners gsettings schema key is set to run the UB override we use to provide showdesktop animations.

Default mutter showdesktop doesnt.

@vlijm out of the box the schema key should be using the standard ctrl+d (or whatever it is) … our custom key override will take care of running our override script.

This needs fixing during the 19.10 cycle.

In the interim you can change the schema key value yourself

org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-hotcorners dropdown

The notifications is throwing a super+n key combination. Seems to be an inconsistency in budgie desktop itself why that isn’t a toggle. That needs an issue raising upstream. And some one to provide a small tweak patch.

@fossfreedom Mutter has showdesktop built in? Not that I know of, it didn’t have on previous Ubuntu versions. We replaced the ugly wnck “shoot all windows” (applet, not respecting z-order of windows) that was an option on Budgie by our own script, which uses xdotool to minimize. xdotool uses the animations if set. Does Manjaro minimize on Ctrl + D by default?

Thanks to you both (although I didn’t understand much of the above :grinning:) To answer your question, no, CTRL+D is not a minimize by default (and I’d hope not, as many other programs use that combination for other things, like Firefox uses it for bookmarks, I think).

In Manjaro Budgie, META+D minimizes to desktop, however, if that’s helpful. That’s probably a much safer keystroke combo for that too…

yeah - correct Meta + D is the correct combination and is also the default on UB.

So you can edit the org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-hotcorners dropdown schema key via dconf-editor and use the command xdotool key Super_L+d for the showdesktop command

Terrific, that works, thank you, and that’s what I’m presuming you’d want to upstream?

Any thoughts on toggling the Raven notifications?

Not really - will need to be investigated

That’s a quick schema fix on our github - budgie-extras repo

does Meta + N toggle notifications open & close on Manjaro?

Both Meta + N and hotcorners “Show notifications” correctly toggle here on 18.04 and 19.04 - I’m running budgie-desktop v10.5

Meta+N does do that on 10.5 Budgie on Manjaro as well and, oddly, today hot corners toggles notifications just fine while last night it would only open them, but not close them… Strange. No problem then! I’ll continue to play with it. Thanks!

And continued thanks for all of the excelelnt applets that make Budgie usable for me. Budgie plus applets is what Gnome should be. In looking for info on some of this I took a nostalgia tour through Budgie forums going back to '16 and '17 and it’s amazing how many outstanding issues and wishes remain unaddressed by 10.5 even now in 2019.

Do you have a top 5 of unaddressed capabilities? I’m intrigued as to what are the important issues yet to be worked through.

All in the eye of the beholder… Random things looking through forums:

  • Integrated expose options desired
  • More alt tab options
  • Integrating Budgie settings options into main system settings
  • Developing Raven menu/applets for it
  • Some dead end options in settings meant for gnome (like keybindings for “search” does nothing in Budgie)
  • Keybinding shortcuts opens up windows behind your main window
  • Various app icons (snaps, app images, etc) not showing up on the toolbar/pinnable

Those are some random things, many going back to '16. I’m guessing a lot of this is locked in by Mutter (?) and that they’re limited by that legacy code…

ok - the roadmap for budgie 11 has already stated that budgie settings and system settings will be combined.

Also raven applets will become a real “thing”

I’m a little surprised with the app icons observation - I’m aware that lots of work for making sure various apps are visible and pinnable into the icon-task-list was done for v10.5

What alt tab options were you thinking? All-workspace alt-tab?

Expose - you’ll be surprised how difficult such a thing is to implement.