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Removal of Hotcorners Applet / Keyboard bindings


After removing Hotcorners applet via Budgie Welcome, any keyboard bindings that invoked it did not regress to a non installed state.
ie; Hidw/Show Desktop (Super+D) still was pointing to “/usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgie-hcorners/showdesktop”


@Mike that doesn’t sound right. Please can you raise this as an issue on the github tracker?



ok. Jacob reminded me why we did it this way.

The default Show Desktop toggle did not respect the Z order of the desktop windows when restoring from a toggle - i.e. the window with the focus may not be restored to be focussed. Plus the animation was weird. This is all GNOME Mutter stuff.

So we worked around this by implementing our much nicer show desktop toggle via budgie-hotcorners.

Obviously there is a corner case here when someone wants to use the default show desktop toggle.

Not a lot we can do I’m afraid other than to advise how to go back to the default manually i.e.

In Keyboard Settings (search for Keyboard in the menu) delete the custom entry “Hide/Show Desktop”.
Then in the navigation section choose “Super + D” for the entry “Hide all normal windows”