Screen sides, top/bottom not detected when using full screen Citrix

When I’m using the Citrix virtual desktop software (sadly big in business and healthcare) in UB 18.04 moving the mouse pointer to the top and sides does not trigger the panel or Plank. Interestingly, the hot corners app still works, as does alt+tab. If the Citrix window is active and full screen then detection is fine, it’s only when the window is full screen.

I was wondering if this is a Citrix thing, but this same functionality is fine on my UB 17.10 install (although I’m using dual monitors there, so it’s not exactly the same). I can test it on the dual monitor later to see if it’s an 18.04 thing. I can also post a video if needed later as well.

I’ve never used Citrix but it is probably something to-do with how it captures mouse pointer events.

Most virtualisation software has the ability to let the guest capture the mouse cursor and you need a control key to release it to move the cursor outside the guest window.

Does citrix have this ability?

Not that I’m aware of in Receiver, it hasn’t been needed, as the VM/native transition had been seamless. I uninstalled and reinstalled a brand new March '18 update to Citrix and thus far this might have fixed it… Will continue to monitor.