Screen upside down

When I install Ubuntu Budgie on HP ZBOOK, the screen starts normal, but after install, the screen is upside down.
I installed Budgie on another computer and after that, I made a backup and restored the image on the HP ZBOOK. But that also doesn’t work. The screen is upside down.
Is there a solution to make the screen normal?

I found, that I can use the command xrandr, and that works, but after restart it is upside down again.

I found that I can use the xrandr command at autostart, so my problem is solved.

Does the screen rotation change when tilting the laptop?

If yes - when the rotation is correct - add the rotation lock applet in budgie-desktop-settings - panel to your panel and lock the rotation. Once done you can remove the applet from the panel.

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Oke, I was looking for the rotation lock on display. But now I add the rotation lock.
Thanks for your answer.

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