Ubuntu 19.10 window is upside down after install

Ive tried a couple of times to install 19.04 on my laptop and the screen install upside down. my laptop has a motion sensor that makes the screen tilt when I move the laptop (dont know why). I would then have to use a command to flip the screen. i have 18.04 and it doest do that

After the installation use the rotation lock applet to fix the correct orientation as per

have you tried on 19.10? 19.04 is about to go End of Life. Thursday, January 23, 2020. Those still using it after this date won’t get any more app updates, bug fixes, or, more importantly, any critical security patches.

yeh ill have to navigate through all that with the screen upside download and im too lazy for that so id rather just keep 18.04

Suggest use the try ubuntu budgie option on boot. This will boot to the live session.

You should tilt your laptop until the screen is the right orientation you can then add the rotation lock applet and use it to fix the orientation. Then you can install from the live session.