Screenshot apps

Ive been in the past really happy with Shutter. Kazam is the only similar choice in budgie, but the updates to Kazam have effectively stopped and it does not recognise my laptop sound card.
For users info there is a online capture which does screen as well as video and serves my purpose admirably: Screenrec.

If Kazam was more hardware friendly it would suit, but in this case, no.

I use flameshot. I love this app for screenshots. Supports some markup on the image during capture and save to Imgur if you need that type of thing.

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Flameshot does look good, but I like to have something like Kazam which does screenrec as well as screenshot. Sadly, Kazam wont work on laptop but Screenrec is far better in that it has various file save options which include clip to clipboard means you can insert a screenshot directly into email.

I use gnome-screenshot which I then bind to keyboard shortcut. Other then that I use default Ubuntu Budgie Screenshoot applet.

Ah ok. Yeah I use either Peek (gif recorder - submitting GitHub issues). And then use either Simple Screen Recorder (or something else). Each to their own. :grinning:

I used to use the applet, but it had some 4k issues. Reminds me, I need to follow up on my bug report.

ping Jacob - may have some bandwidth sometime soonish to help to resolve with his 4K laptop.

Need more 4K & touch type equipment me thinks

Ah, the screenshot applet, nice project to pick up. It’s vala, also nice.