Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?)

On a clean 19.10 version, I tested the screenshot shortcuts (Settings>Devices>Keyboard) but the “Save an Area to Pictures” does not work, regardless of the shortcut assigned to it.

Worse, it seems whatever I do, I cannot change the behavior of the Print Scr button!

Screenshot from 2020-03-13 09-21-32
In this default version:
Alt+Print works (screenshot of window to Pictures
Shift+Print does not work (screenshot of an area to Pictures)
Print works (screenshot to Pictures)

Now it gets weird when I switch up a few:
Screenshot from 2020-03-13 09-12-20
In this custom version:
Alt+Print works (screenshot of window)
Print does not work as expected (screenshot to Pictures INSTEAD of screenshot of an area to Pictures)
Shift+Ctrl+Print does NOT work (screenshot to Pictures)

No matter what I do, it seems “Print” button is ALWAYS generating a screenshot of my entire screen!

How do I fix this?
the only way I take a screenshot is by selecting an area…

Upstream have in their wisdom hard-coded various print options to using gnome-screenshot. So there is no ability to change this without changing the code.

Also for a reason I’ve never really understood why it has not been implemented all of the screenshot key combinations

The code is here

Its something that could be looked at for the 20.10 list of enhancements - assuming it is implemented we could then backport for 20.04 LTS users.

Unfortunately I am not a coder/developer at all… If I could I would definitely contribute. Hope someone else can help.

Not being able to select an area at all, is crazy in my opinion. Guess the only way for now is to find and install a 3rd party application?

You can run gnome screenshot from the menu and choose the area option. Alternatively you can use the budgie screenshot applet that has an option to grab by area.

Thanks, guess those are workarounds. But I would like to try to keep my Panel clean… I love the functionality that Budgie applets add, some of it is really essential like hotcorners and the screenshot applet. But I would love to be able to hide the icons and just activate the command the applet runs via a hotkey.

is there maybe a command I can run to activate the screenshot area selector?

Something like the command to show running apps /usr/lib/budgie-previews/previews_triggers hotcorners_all that is used by the hotcorners applet?

ok - found that budgie-desktop has defined three keyboard shortcuts for capturing screenshots

So “take-region-screenshot” is the area screenshot

budgie-desktop doesn’t take its cue from the keyboard settings shortcuts - its hidden away in dconf but totally not obvious to anyone but the serious tinkerer

Oh thanks for that! But how can one use that? I tried creating custom commands for keyboard with it no success.

But I also accidentally found out, regardless of whatever shortcuts are set, the following always works:

Ctrl + Print + Print

Just double click on the Print Scr button while holding down Ctrl. You will get the area selector! Perhaps that’s what triggers the Budgie command you mentioned?