Screenshot shortcuts

On budgie 10.4, whenever i press prntsrc on my keyboard it just makes a beeping noise but doesn’t take a screenshot? None of the printscreen shortcuts in the keyboard menu work
Is there a fix for this.

Have a look at Menu - Keyboard - at the bottom should be various custom keys - including screenshot custom keys.

I’m guessing you either have deleted those custom keys or have hit the “Reset” button on that screen at some point which would have removed the keybinding.

Scroll up and you will see some other screenshot keys - edit them and press delete to remove the “Print Screen” keybinding.

Then either create a custom key or edit one of the existing custom keys and bind it to Print Screen. For the command use “gnome-screenshot”

Alternatively - use Menu - Budgie Applets and install the budgie screenshot applet for a “budgie” method to take screenshots from an applet.

is there any way to restore the original custom keys instead of rebinding everything again. Shouldn’t the reset button restore everything to its original state instead of deleting the bindings

Delete the custom shortcuts in Menu - Keyboard. Then remove the keycontrol files

rm ~/.config/budgie-desktop/*keycontrol*

Logout and login.