Taking screenshots seems to be very broken

So whenever I try to take a screenshot on Ubuntu Budgie, the only shortcut that seems to work reliably is just hitting “PrtScr”. When trying to take a screenshot of an area, I have to hit ctrl + prtscr a few times before it works, and when trying alt + prtscr, sometimes it takes two screenshots, one of the active window, and one of the entire screen, and sometimes, it only takes a screenshot of the entire screen. How can I fix this? I am Ubuntu Budgie 21.04.


See Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?) - #13 by zilexa


BTW I use the screenshot applet

And what about the screenshot app that lets you take pictures of your desktop or windows. That’s what I use when I want to take a screenshot. Is this app still part of Ubuntu Budgie 21.04? Wouldn’t that be a suitable solution for you?

Yep … just look in the menu for screenshot