Change Screenshot Defaults

This is picky but HEY I"m trying to make Budgie my go to OS.

In Windows 10 I’m a nutboy for GREENSHOT. It allows me to hit ONE KEY (Prt.Scr), it auto opens a target for a specific grab, and drops the resulting image on my desktop. Without asking me questions along the way.

The Budgie screenshot app brings all those annoying questions and incorrect defaults back. Slows down everything.

Is there a fix?

Oh hello again !

Have a look at settings / devices / keyboard, scroll down to customized shortcuts.

You should find one there that fits your need.

Or create one - but beware not to create a duplicate of one already existing…

I can’t remember which are the default ones but on my machine, hitting impr-scr makes a screenshot of the whole screen and saves it into ~/Pictures, without asking anything.


I was surprised to find that keyboard shortcut interface. I liked it. But it wouldn’t do what I needed.

Sooo close.


The key-binding already exists to my understanding; it’s as simple as Shift + PrtScn - Select a specific grab - and it’s saved to your Pictures folder. No questions asked :sweat_smile:

If you insist on having the files saved on your desktop you can edit this conveniently with dconf-editor ( sudo apt-get install dconf-editor) if you go to org > gnome > gnome-screenshot and modify the auto-save-directory


Hi Steyl,

When I played with this yesterday I broke something in the keyboard shortcut interface. I asked it to reset to default but I’m not convinced it did. That is: if I hit Shift PrtScn nothing happens. When I used to simply hit PrtScn it took a desktop pic and dropped it in Pictures. Now it does nothing.

I wish Greenshot would come to Linux. It’s great.