Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?)

Just hoping you have a moment to explain how to use this as a non-linux expert?
I am still using CTRL+PRTSCR+PRTSCR+PRTSCR (hitting that button 2, 3 or 4 times will turn the cursor in an areaselector) but it will create 1 or 2 full screenshots before the area selector appears :frowning:

Hold [ ctrl ] and while holding it, hit [ printscreen ], this will turn the cursor into a + shape, meaning it waits for you to select your screen area with mouse holding its left button, and will save the picture once you release the mouse button…

It’s default behavior on my 19.10.

I’m noticing the same things. The shortcuts in the keyboard settings have no relation to what actually happens. Like Zilexa if have to press [ctrl] + [print] + [print] + … an arbitrary number of times before I get the area selector. In addition, the screenshot is saved to the pictures directory instead of going to the clipboard. Is there a way of directing this to the clipboard? I am currently using the screenshot applet but this is not convenient. I’m new to linux and am trying to learn.

I have already covered this on my March 13 post.

The TL;DR; upstream only supports 3 types of screenshot capabilities and they don’t use the keyboard settings values.

If you don’t like these you have to remove the keyboard values in dconf-editor … and Settings - Keyboard. Then define your own custom keyboard settings with appropriate command line entries

See gnome-screenshot --help for the parameters you can use.


Just fyi, even if I add a custom command with gnome-screenshot -a as command and CTRL+S as shortcut, it is highly dependent on the current focus whether the shortcut works or not.
For example, when the focus is on Budgie Desktop Settings window, it does not work. When I click on the desktop area, it works sometimes.

Also, it gives an error when using the command in terminal:

$ gnome-screenshot -a
** Message: 13:46:11.111: Unable to select area using GNOME Shell's builtin screenshot interface, resorting to fallback X11.

I had only disabled all screenshot related shortcuts in Keyboard settings and added my own custom command.
Installed dconf-editor, changed the screenshot shortcut to Ctrl Print and changed the area screenshot to ‘Print’. Removing my custom command from Keyboard settings.

Now, ‘Print’ button works as expected and regardless of window focus :smiley:
Only thing is I have to always hit the button twice quickly. Hitting it once: nothing happens. This is OK for me.

I have created a script to disable all non working screenshot shortcuts + switch gnome binding of PrintScr from full screen to area screenshot + mkdir Screenshots + change default location of screenshot files.

I’d say this should be default behaviour :innocent:

# Print Scr should take area screenshot + save to Pictures/Screenshots
# -------------------------------------------------
# disable related keyboard shortcuts since they don't work as expected
gsettings set window-screenshot-clip '@as []'
gsettings set area-screenshot-clip '@as []'
gsettings set screenshot-clip '@as []'
gsettings set screencast '@as []'
gsettings set window-screenshot '@as []'
gsettings set area-screenshot '@as []'
gsettings set screenshot '@as []'
#switch PrintScr binding to area screenshot and its default to full screen 
gsettings set com.solus-project.budgie-wm take-region-screenshot "['Print']"
gsettings set com.solus-project.budgie-wm take-full-screenshot "['<Ctrl>Print']"
# change default folder
mkdir $HOME/Pictures/Screenshots
gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory "$HOME/Pictures/Screenshots"
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Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have used Budgie desktop for 2 year (since 18.04 came out) and now I switched to Budgie 20.04. I have a question related to this topic, although little bit different than what was discussed here, hope it can be placed here without opening new topic.

The problem that I have is that I bought a new keyboard that does not have print button. You can see the keyboard on the screenshot bellow together with the settings.

This is very inconvenient for me since I really need print screen option very often. And I must say because of the price for the keyboard I don’t want to change keyboard so that option is not welcome :slight_smile: I am not picky though, I will accept any combo from keyboard, as long as I don’t have to open a new program to take screenshot and click save and so on… All I need is to change the keyboard shortcut but it does not work. As you can see in screenshot I have changed it to Insert since I have that button but I rarely use it. I have tried many other combinations but there not any combo I have entered that would work.

This time I tried option Save a screenshot of an area but it also does not work. So is there any advice, what should I install, what setting I should change in order to get any combo for print screen option when I dont have print button on the keyboard?

as per this - there are the solus keys in dconf you need to fiddle with Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?)

I don’t understand this answer you sent me to… It is not written where should I put the script that is given in the answer, so that answer should be updated to have complete information necessary for the given solution.

You can copy-paste each line into a terminal

Or using (you have to install) dconf-editor navigate to the gsettings path and change the values

Thank you @fossfreedom. I would just like to add that using xev command in terminal you can first find proper names of the keys and then use them in the script given by @zilexa. The keys can be added together, one should just remember to keep them inside the proper environment
"['_keys_without_blank_space_']" for example I used this command for full screenshot:

gsettings set com.solus-project.budgie-wm take-full-screenshot "['<Ctrl><Alt>Insert']"


I’m going to revisit the upstream solution using the separate gsettings area for 21.04 Its just causing confusion all around and is better to stick to GNOME Settings printer key values until Budgie 11 replaces GNOME Settings with something else.

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Or you can just execute my script, removing everything you don’t need… or copy paste the lines to a text editor and save as .sh file. Then run via bash

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Note you still need to double press the Print Scr button (or whatever you have assigned).

I haven’t found a way to create an area select screenshot after single press Print Scr.

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I see the clip screenshot shortcut no longer works. I’ve been using Budgie for several months. It’s really good, but this lack of a feature is why I’m going to go back to regular Ubuntu. That clip screenshot is VERY useful. The Ctrl shortcut worked for a while, but now it doesn’t. Time to change again.

Same here but probably because the root cause was fixed in 20.10 and that has made its way to 20.04. With the script I used:

After the Budgie update i received today, my PrtSc button no longer seems to work.

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I just did a proper clean install of Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 and updated it. Just wondering why, out-of-the-box, there still is no Print Screen functionality?
Only Alt+PrintScr button works, creating a full screenshot. Any other combination or just PrintScr does not work.
I would expect the PrintScr button to at least do something out of the box. I understand we can now use dconf editor to use a different program, but what if all you need a to create a screenshot via the dedicated button?

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Ok. I have spent sometime at christmas looking at just this. I have discovered that the current budgie desktop print screen implementation is fundamentally flawed.

In layman’s terms you have two bits of budgie fighting over who is controlling and managing the print screen button and other key combinations. One is gnome-settings-daemon and one is budgie-window-manager.

Who wins depends on your computer. Some people have all or most key combinations. Some have few or none.

Basically this whole area needs to be rewritten either to comply with gnome-settings-daemon requirements … or to drop gnome-settings-daemon completely and manage every bit of device management by budgie itself. Both are big bits of work … the latter is the budgie v11 approach.

Whether there is a third way needs to be investigated further. Let’s see.

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I have test code that I’m hoping resolves this issue. So for any 20.10 users please can you give this package a try and let me know what you find?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/unstable-test
sudo apt upgrade
reboot --

What’s hopefully fixed:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts for print/window/area are defined by Menu - Keyboard i.e. no longer defined by dconf budgie-desktop/wm
  2. Taking window screenshots no longer includes the background surrounding the window
  3. Shouldn’t need to double tap/other combinations to invoke screenshots
  4. Should work in all combinations with gnome-screenshot as well i.e. run gnome-screenshot and use the various settings available.

To revert after testing:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-test/unstable-test
reboot --

Works perfect!
I did notice:

  1. Area select screenshot: it is saved in the Pictures folder.
  2. screenshot of whole screen: it is saved in Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Even though (I did not modify this):

gsettings get org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory

I would prefer screenshots to always go to Pictures/screenshots

Also “Record a short screencast” does not work, but I am not sure if it ever did, I did not find such an option in Gnome-Screenshot. So I’ll ignore that one.

Best of all: the Print button now reacts immediately!
I only switched the functionality of Print with Area Print and I am very happy now :slight_smile: