Taking screenshots seems to be very broken

So whenever I try to take a screenshot on Ubuntu Budgie, the only shortcut that seems to work reliably is just hitting “PrtScr”. When trying to take a screenshot of an area, I have to hit ctrl + prtscr a few times before it works, and when trying alt + prtscr, sometimes it takes two screenshots, one of the active window, and one of the entire screen, and sometimes, it only takes a screenshot of the entire screen. How can I fix this? I am Ubuntu Budgie 21.04.


See Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?) - #13 by zilexa


BTW I use the screenshot applet

And what about the screenshot app that lets you take pictures of your desktop or windows. That’s what I use when I want to take a screenshot. Is this app still part of Ubuntu Budgie 21.04? Wouldn’t that be a suitable solution for you?

Yep … just look in the menu for screenshot

Even that doesn’t work when you use fractional scaling.
I believe fullscreen screenshot works, but area select screenshot doesn’t: you end up with a smaller selection of a different part of the screen. No tool seems to work, you simply can’t do area select screenshot. :frowning:

I did not dare to open a new discussion but it’s broken anew on my 20.04

Here what I’ve tried in dconf-editor :

…to ensure any iteration anywhere regarding any kind of screenshot had the same shortcut.

And those days only [ alt ] + [ print ] works.
[ print ] alone or [ shift ] + [ print ] do nothing, just a « ding ».

It used to work though.

And why so much references to cinnamon in dconf-editor ?
I know nemo is there but there are also the whole settings for cinnamon desktop
although I only have UBudgie 20.04 installed here.

Hence cinnamon media-keys + budgie-wm + gnome media-keys regarding screenshot… isn’t that confusing ?

As I’ve mentioned many times of various threads - the upstream print screen implementation is fundamentally flawed. Basically just don’t use print-screen - bind print via another key combination.

I’ve rewritten the print mechanism - its 90% there. I haven’t had time yet to write the area-print screen bit.

As to why there are cinnamon references - that’s simply due to nemo pulling in the cinnamon schemas. Those schemas has no effect on budgie.

Are you 100% sure of that ?
I might empty most of those then.

And do schemas in
have effect in UBudgie ?

Most of the gnome settings impact budgie. The gnome shell schemas obviously don’t.

And yes the cinnamon settings have no affect on budgie… just the nemo specific ones.

Ok, thanks for clarifications, that’s what I was suspecting.

My « printscreen » works again - for how long ?

I « emptied » all schemas regarding « screenshots » and only kept the default ones in
Maybe it’s just coincidental ?

[ Ctrl ] + [ Print ] for selectable area does not work but I think this feature ( as kbd-shortcut or launcher ) is broken for years at gnome-screenshot level itself.

It is all a bit hit and miss. For some they never seem to get the screenshot keys to work. Most get some to work … at least occasionally.

So I have two laptops I regularly use… On one of them, [Ctrl] + [Print] (area) and [Alt] + [Print] (window) work just fine. I can’t get the regular [Print] to work. It just won’t, ever. The other, [Alt] + [Print] and regular [Print] work fine, but the [Ctrl] + [Print] doesn’t. Here is the thing though… they are both the same model (Thinkpad T560) and this happens running the same version of Budgie (20.10). So yes, I can confirm what @fossfreedom is saying… it is definitely hit or miss.

Did you end up also with « emptying » other schemas in dconf-editor ?

Anyway we’ll see. As mentioned it seems also an hit and miss situation here as it used to work and disappear and work again…

No, pretty much as-is out of the box. Just thought it was interesting that even two fairly identical machines can behave different.

It is.

Might be interesting to see if there are differences between those two machines in dconf-editor about schemas regarding screenshots ?

I did the same thing on two other machines - only keeping the schemas in /com/solus-project/budgie-wm/ and « emptying » those in /org/cinnamon/desktop/keybindings/media-keys/ and /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/

…and for the moment that seems to give me back the PrintScreen key on the three machines.