Unable to add or remove certain keybindings

Hey there.
For the most part, I’m able to change my keybindings. However I have found that I am:

  • Unable to add a keybinding for the “take a screenshot of an area” feature of the screenshot tool.
  • Unable to locate or disable the alt+shift “switch input” keybind.

Could somebody please tell me if this error is in the software or on my part?
Many thanks.

certain keybindings are not in an obvious place in budgie - look in dconf-editor


for example switch-input-source is there as well as the screenshot keys

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Thank you!
That’s resolved the alt+shift issue - but I’m unsure how to proceed with the “take-region-screenshot” binding. Even when I change the keybinding here I still can’t seem to trigger the action.

Yeah. There are other threads on screenshot issues.

In-short, the upstream solution is fundamentally broken with the budgie implementation clashing with gnome-settings-daemon.

This area needs to be reworked.

I would bind another key combination.

It’s also because because gnome-screenshot itself is broken regarding shortcuts…

And confusion between

We are not under gnome neither cinnamon but last both media-keys for screenshots are populated in Budgie. Why ?

Empty them, you’ll have better chance.

But take a screenshot of an area can’t be launched with expected option and command through gnome-screenshot so don’t have high expectations here.