Unable to redefine [PrtSc] key between boots

See images below. I disable defined key, and replace it into the excellent Flameshot screencap app, and it wont work. However, it did work originally when replaced, but after a reboot the keyboard settings remain, but it returns to the original call to screen capture:

This area I have produced a patch and pushed upstream last week.

The patch allows you to choose which app you want to run when pressing print and other print variants.

This will be in 20.10 and I may backport it at some point in 20.04.

For the moment you will need to define your own keyboard shortcut.

Do note budgie doesn’t use the settings print keyboard settings.

It uses it’s own in dconf which you need to disable

For the sake of completeness (& me) please describe the key in dconf you refer to?


Oddly, using dconf, you cant search for the above; you have to go to root folder and follow from there.

For searching, hit the « magnifying glass » icon first :

…that should work.

Hi Foss.
I highly recommend Flameshot as a default capture application if you would consider. Previously, was having probs with Budgie not allowing installation of Shutter, but Flameshot is superior in many ways.
I say: IMHO

… considering…