Shutting down after suspension mode


I downloaded Ubuntu Budgie x64 for my Dell Inspiron 1420 recently. The installation went smoothly. The Desktop is similar to Deepin Desktop Environment.

I wanted to provide feedback and report one issue. Upon closing the notebook lid, the notebook apparently goes into suspension mode. When I open the lid, the notebook does not wake up but instead shuts down. I could not find the relevant settings in the OS. I am not a programmer or a developer. But I have thought of a few reasons that could be causing the problem:

  1. The HDD of my Notebook is protected by HDD password.
  2. I have dual boot (Windows 10 & Ubuntu).

Please look into this and fix the issue.


Please ensure you have a account

Report a bug via typing the following

ubuntu-bug linux

This will then open a browser asking for your launchpad credentials. Fill in as much info when requested about your computer. The process will attach logs automatically to allow the bug triagers to help further.

Thank you for the reply.

I followed the above step and submitted it to the site.

Thanks once again.